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This Video Proves we’ve not Been Told Everything About Crop Circles


By Ivan

This Video Proves we’ve not Been Told Everything
About Crop Circles

One of the most enigmatic crop circles appeared in 2001, on a crop field in next to the UK’s biggest telescope and observatory, the Chilbolton. The enigmatic crop circle was hailed by many as the most impressive and important crop circle to ever appear on our planet, since according to many UFO researchers, this crop circle unlike others, carried a message from space.

Crop Circles have fascinated the general public and Ufologists for decades. For years have experts studied this incredible phenomenon which many have attributed to UFO’s, and how Crop Circles are in fact a message from above, from our cosmic neighbors.

Others—from the skeptical side—are convinced that crop circles are just one of the many elaborate hoaxes trying to prove, we’re not alone in the universe.

Crop Circles—hence their name—appear on crop fields across the world. The term „Crop Circles“ was coined in the seventies by Doug Bower y Dave Chorley. In 1991, they declared that since 1978 they had been authors of more than 200 crop circles, inspired by a formation which appeared in Queensland, which a farmer said to have found after seeing a UFO fly over the zone.

Since then, Crop Circles have been a UFO subject bombarded by critics.

The product of man? Or product of Aliens? The product of the 21st century?

According to Richard Dolan: “The electromagnetic field over the area where a circle appears is usually electrostatically charged. Furthermore, there is a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an “ionized plasma vortex,” also known as ball lighting, involved with these formations.(source)

Well, it's a much-debated subject. I mean after all, why would Aliens come all the way to earth from outer space to draw a few crop circles…?

While the term “Crop Circles” was coined in the seventies, the truth is that the first reported Crop Circle dates back as far as 1678.

A pamphlet published on August 22, 1678, called The Mowing-Devil: or, Strange News Out of Hertfordshire shows a demon cutting a large circle in a crop field is considered the first precedent of an agroglyph, aka Crop Circle.

However, researcher Jim Schnabel does not consider it as a historical antecedent since the text describes the stems as cut and not bent.

In 1686, naturalist Robert Plot reported circular forms appearing on fungi, which later on would be attributed to air currents, then in 1880, John Rand Capron described circular shapes that appeared in a field after a storm.

In more recent times, things related to crop circles have dramatically changed.

The enigmatic ‘messages’ usually tend to appear over night, while fewer are reported to appear during the day.

Throughout the years the phenomenon has evolved drastically to the point where it’s hard to judge whether it’s a hoax or the real deal.

Nobody doubts that. The crop circle figures are getting bigger, some with more than 200 meters in diameter; Others are more complex in design as if we were witnessing real cosmic “mandalas,” many of them are constructed with an impressive geometrical precision, with knowledge of fractals and allusions to the studies of modern quantum mechanics.

Those who have studied the phenomenon without prejudice, believe that Crop Circles are accompanied by certain characteristics that are relatively unique to them and do not have a rational explanation.

Farmer s who have seen crop circles appear on their fields how they witnessed seeing “flashes of light” or “light orbs” in the sky before their fields were ‘tattooed.’

Richard Dolan, historian, academic, author, and one of the world’s leading UFO researchers explained Crop Circles eloquently when he said (source): “Some of these Crop Circles are so large and complex as to defy reason. And after all these decades, none of the perpetrators have been caught in the act of making any of the truly extraordinary formations.”

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Project Serpo – The Exchange Program Between Humans and Aliens

For those who have not heard of the fascinating story of an exchange program between humans and aliens known as Project Serpo. The official website that documents Project Serpo and releases new information from time to time can be found at There is also a video presentation by Len Kasten (bottom) and the article by Locklip website (below) that gives a brief overview of Project Serpo.


Project Serpo
The Exchange Program Between Humans and Aliens

In 2005, an anonymous source sent a series of emails to a UFO Discussion Group led by former U.S. Government Employee Victor Martinez. These emails detailed the existence of an Exchange Program between the U.S. Government and the Ebens – alien beings from Serpo, a planet from the Zeta Reticuli Star System. The program was thus called Project Serpo.

The source identified himself as a retired employee of the government, claiming he had participated in a special program.

The program’s origins lay with the two UFO crashes in New Mexico in 1947, the famous Roswell incident and another one in Corona. He claimed one extraterrestrial survived the crash and was transferred to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The other six deceased extraterrestrials were placed in a freezing facility in the same laboratory.

Establishing communications with the scientists and military personnel, the survivor provided them with the location of its home planet and continued to cooperate until its death in 1952. The alien provided information regarding the items found inside the crashed UFOs. One of the items was a communication device that it was allowed to use, contacting its home planet.

A meeting was set for April 1964, when an alien craft landed near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Upon retrieving the bodies of their dead comrades, the extraterrestrials engaged in an information exchange that was carried out in English, thanks to the aliens’ translation device.

One thing led to another and in 1965, the aliens accepted to take a group of humans back to their planet as part of the exchange program. Twelve military personnel were carefully selected for a ten year stay on Serpo. The ten men and two women were specialists in various fields and their task was to gather as much information as possible, regarding all aspects of life, society and technology on the alien planet.

They were three years late and four people short when they finally returned in 1978. Two men had died on the alien planet. One man and one woman had decided to stay. The journey to Serpo, located 37 light years from Earth, took only nine months aboard the alien craft.

They had learned that Serpo was a planet similar to our own, albeit smaller. It orbited around a binary star system and had an atmosphere similar in composition to the one on Earth. However, the two suns meant there were higher levels of radiation and the twelve humans had to resort to protection at all times. Two of them died from complications. The heat was extreme and it took the remaining humans several years to adjust.

Another problem was the food. The crew had taken enough food to last them for two and a half years but eventually had to resort to eating native Eben food. Anyone who’s traveled abroad knows about the serious gastrointestinal implications posed by eating local food but the human crew eventually adjusted.

Another problem was the length of the day on Serpo, which was 43 Earth hours long. Also, it never got fully dark as their night skies were dimly lit by the smaller sun. The crew had complete freedom to explore the alien planet and they were not hindered in any way.

The geology of the alien world was different; there were few mountains and no oceans. Several types of plant-like life existed but mostly near the polar area, where it was cooler. There were also types of animal life and some of the larger ones were used by the Ebens for work and other tasks but never as food sources. They produced their food through industrial processes, of which they had many.

The inhabitants of Serpo lived in small communities led by a large city. They lacked a central government but seemed to be doing fine without it. The Ebens had leadership and an army but the Earth team noticed they never used weapons of any type and violence was virtually unheard of. They had no concept of money or commerce. Every Eben was issued items in accordance with their needs.

The planet’s population was about 650,000 individuals. The human crew noted the Ebens were disciplined in all aspects of their lives, working on schedules based on the movements of their suns. There were no other civilizations on Serpo except the Ebens.

Their method of reproduction was similar to our own but it had a much lower success rate. Therefore, their children were highly isolated. In fact, the only problem the human crew had was when they intended to photograph Eben children. They were escorted away by the army and asked not to attempt that again.

Upon returning to Earth, the remaining eight members of the expedition were quarantined for a year. During this period, they were debriefed and the complete account amassed around 3,000 pages. All members of the expedition have since died from various complications due to radiation exposure. The fate of the two people who chose to remain on Serpo is unknown. The Ebens have not contacted Earth since 1985.

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A Call for Mass Meditation - Full Disclosure Project

From Corey Goode


On August 21st 2017 groups from all over the world will be coming together for a Mass Meditation for Unity and Full Disclosure. You can participate from any where in the world or in person at the Eclipse of Disclosure Immersion & Summit in Mount Shasta, CA.

Many people have asked me about how I was able to unlock memories that had not returned directly after the return from my "20&Back" service in the Secret Space Program. I am also asked for my opinion on Meditation and Remote Viewing courses. I first purchased Gerald O’Donnell’s Remote Viewing & Influencing Course on cassette tape in the early 90’s and then his updated course on DVD a few years later. Since leaving the "Programs" I had not been able to achieve a deep theta state. I researched the various programs available at the time and quickly honed in on Gerald O'Donnell's ARVARI course.

Quickly after starting the course I began recalling suppressed memories, began having out of body experiences and was able to reach deeper and deeper states of consciousness. Gerald’s course was extremely beneficial and has continued to help me hone my meditation and remote viewing skills. We need to develop our Remote Influencing skills if we are to guide the co-creative consciousness of Humanity to the most optimal temporal timeline. Visit and begin your own voyages deep within your subconscious and out into the cosmos. There is a free course on this site to try out also.

- Corey Goode

Gerald O’Donnell has created teachings/courses since 1997 where anyone can position one’s self simultaneously with one foot in the inner sub-conscious realms (Theta state) and the outer foot in the outer perceived 3D physical reality, and Remote View any point across space and time and intuit/sense either the probable future or the perceived past by receiving and transducing data from the Universal Mind. By dwelling and diving deeper within the sub-conscious, he shows you how to get to the Delta Portal (Delta state) of the inner worlds and access and operate directly from that direct Portal to the Universal Mind and powerfully affect (Remote Influence i.e. co-Create) reality as-we-know-it. See

The process of unification and re-conciliation we are all experiencing without exception, man and nature, this world and others/outer-worldly realities alike, is very challenging, as many feel out of kilter. Energies are streaming through ourselves often of dissonant resonance and frequencies, and great imbalances often result both biologically, mentally and spiritually, as the full levels of all the dimensions are trying to re-balance in a new order out of what is for now perceived as intense increasing and almost terminal chaos.

This is the era of full disclosure and full recognition of the magnificence and diversity of all the universes Created, past, present and future ones. The GATHERING of exiles from Unity consciousness is fully on and no one or anything can stop it. The flood gates of consciousness have opened below and above and the waters are raging as light and dark mixes trying to find their prior balance and former separative format. To no avail, as ALL is about to change.

Rebellious resistance to the process of final reconciliation in the Big One Eternal Creative Mind is everywhere and that is to be expected. We need to learn to totally trust the shift and fully let go, as the Divine current delights in lifting us up, each and everyone of us. Battling the metamorphosis or each other is futile and not the way.

To all of you who lately experience wild daily shifts in consciousness/awareness and energies, we shall explain its cause in the Cosmic process engaged by all, knowingly or not, willingly or not. And we will offer suggestions to mitigate its effects and help you navigate with your spirit held high above the flooded earthly and heavenly energy fields.

This crucial great Cosmic shift that we have now fully engaged is meant to help us enter the era of full disclosure and of meeting our maker: Truth Itself becoming manifest in and outside of us.

It is not the end of times, but the true beginning of no-and-all time.

Dis-closure is all about Truth. Truth is Eternal and immutable. It is the only true Reality. All the rest is but covering it in infinite veils of illusion. Truth has decided to unveil Herself…

We will help you and explain to you how to align and connect to Truth and express it, as we all prepare to head back home to our common Source in a glorious process of awakening and remembering WHO we all truly really are.

Truth is what allows us to drop all created entrenched masks, to dissipate all our inner shadows, all falsehoods clad in their sub-routine like programs which do not serve us anymore. We need not fight against falsehoods because that focus is what makes them persist; rather we need to desire and crave to directly experience real Truth, for only Its experience shatters all falsehoods and erases masks and shadows.

Nothing is as it seems to our outer biological senses and our intellects within the multi-facets of this ultimate school for future true sub-Creators: Our multi-verse uni(ty)-verse.


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Cosmic Disclosure: The Grand Experiment

David Wilcock and Corey Goode
Cosmic Disclosure: The Grand Experiment

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode, and in this episode, we're going to get into the Grand Experiment.

This is something that is of particular interest to me, and I'm sure to many of you watching this program, because this Experiment affects people who are human but may not fit in and may in fact have ET souls.

So here for more information is Corey Goode. Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So we've talked about the idea that there was a Super Earth in our Solar System that exploded 500,000 years ago, and that it deactivated some sort of protective grid around our own Solar System and neighboring systems as well.

And you said that shortly after this, a bunch of groups of ETs came in. And could you tell us a little bit about them just to recap? Who are they, and what do they want?

Corey: Yes, they've been referred to as this Genetic Farmer race. And they've been on some sort of a mandate throughout the galaxy to spread advanced life, and to monitor and assist the development of that life, as well as the spiritual development of that life.

David: Could you define “advanced life?”

Corey: Advanced life would be, I guess, like a human being.

David: Okay. So at what point did you become aware of this existing?

Corey: I first became aware of this program when I was around the age of 13, and I was in these MILAB . . . what we're calling the MILAB programs.

David: Okay.

Corey: Once I had been put through the process of receiving the full dose of the serum that they were giving me for intuitive empaths, I was also about at the end of the training, and they wanted to have me out in the field.

So around age 13, they took me to . . . which we've done an episode about . . . they took me to this Super Federation base outside of Jupiter.

And I've described before how when we would fly into this temporal anomaly, that you ended up in a giant, like, a bubble in space, that you couldn't see stars. It was just pitch black.

And the space station was sitting right there in the middle, and you would see craft going to and from, from different races. And they were coming to have a meeting.

David: So why would ETs doing this be interested in a 13-year-old kid?

Corey: They had no interest in me whatsoever. I was there as one of three IE supports. They usually would have three intuitive empaths with them to help triangulate any type of deception, danger, anything like that.

David: Okay.

Corey: And as I've described before, they brought us into the main meeting hall, and we sat in sort of a horseshoe fashion in a delegate seat. And at that point, they were giving us smart-glass pads to keep ourselves busy.

And I was starting to read information in those about the group that I was there to support and the different genetic programs that they were involved in.

And that's when I found out that there were 22 different programs.

David: Were you there to support an ET group? Is that what you were involved in?

Corey: No, I was there to support the Earth delegation, but I was there to monitor everyone other than the Earth delegation.

David: So even though this Earth delegation is not elected, on some level, they represent us for this council?

Corey: Right. They rotate in. The seat rotates to different people on Earth.

David: And what would be our role in these negotiations? What are we fighting for? What do we want? Why are we there?

Corey: We don't have a role. It's just an observation. We're just there to observe. And that was granted fairly recently, from what I'm told.

David: Did they ever intend for this information to be known to the general public, or do they want it to stay strictly classified?

Corey: Classified.

David: The beings that you saw in this Super Federation, how extraterrestrial would they look to us?

Corey: Well, there were 60 plus different groups. So some of them looked very similar to us in size . . . not in size but in configuration – you know, humanoid.

But a lot of them were very human-looking. They just had slightly different skin colors. I mean, they looked slightly different, but they looked fairly human.

There were some that were obviously a part of this Pre-Adamite group, the more ancient one. They were taller, and they had the elongated skulls.

There was even the ones that I had talked about in the previous episode we did, with green skin and black hair.

David: Do we know how local they are in terms of positions in our galaxy? Do they come from all over the galaxy, or is it more of a local area?

Corey: No, they come from all over the galaxy. Our local star cluster was once protected by a barrier, as we've discussed, by the Ancient Builder Race.

David: Right.

Corey: And once that was brought down from the inside by some of the inhabitants, these groups finally had access to all of this new, rich genetic stock. It was a very exciting time for them. They had not had access.

The only genetic programming that had gone on inside this bubble, if you wish, were groups that had become advanced themselves genetically and were traveling around within that local star cluster doing genetic experiments. And that had been going on for a billion years.

David: Just to review something that I believe you said before, are the people that evolve on planets in our local star cluster going to look more like us in general?

Corey: For the most part, they look very similar. Yes.

David: Okay.

Corey: There are different types that aren't as mammalian-looking.

David: It seems to me that we're pretty clear now that the Secret Space Program was being run by the Cabal, that there were some very negative aspects to it.

The term “Genetic Farmer”, to me, sounds kind of derogatory. And I'm wondering if perhaps what they're doing might be actually more benevolent for human life on Earth than how the Cabal-run Secret Space Program might have been seeing it at that time.

Corey: When you are the petri dish, or the rat in the cage, your perspective is a little bit different than if you're the one wearing the white coat.

David: But wouldn't you say that the basic idea of what they're up to . . . People hear the term “Genetic Farmer”, they might think that this is some kind of slave mill in which human genetics are being used for food or something like that.

Whereas what you've described before sounds more like an ascension plan, that they're trying to help us.

Corey: Right. It is a spiritual and genetic plan, or program of evolution, that is working in concert with the cosmic changes occurring in different regions.

These cosmic . . . In different parts of the galaxy, these energetic influxes have occurred at different times and in slightly different ways. And they're working with the local populations in concert with those cosmic changes to enhance their DNA and to enhance their consciousness.

David: I was recently going through the Hindu sacred texts using a search engine, and I found approximately . . . and it's not exactly clear if they're all individual or not, but I found approximately 188 references to the Solar Flash.

Everybody talks about this Solar Flash, and you have groups that are Reptilian groups called the Rakshasas. You have clearly groups like Krishna that have blue skin but are human-looking.

There's a variety of groups that were on Earth at that time. And in these books, the Vedas, they talk about the Solar Flash as if everybody knows that this is going to happen. The Sun is going to give off this big flash at the end of the age, and that there is some kind of transformation of life on Earth.

So do you think that there is some relationship between the Genetic Farmers and what's going on in the Hindu ancient texts?

Corey: Yes, because this flash they're talking about is just a byproduct of these cosmic changes that are occurring, these energetic changes. So yeah, it's a direct tie-in.

David: It's interesting, because it's like reading other people's mail. Everybody takes it for granted. They all know this is going to happen. There's no question that it happens.

Corey: It's happened before.

David: Yeah, so it's something they consider just to be a basic fact, like we would say that the color red is on a stop sign. Same thing.

So if they are trying to promote our Ascension, what is the difference for us when this Solar Flash would occur as opposed to if we were just out in the boondocks and nobody had ever done any of these experiments on us? What's the difference?

Corey: Well, I'd like to think that there's some sort of structure to the cosmos. I think that most likely you would still be advancing but at a much, much slower rate. This is like putting turbo speed on the Ascension process.

David: It's almost like the analogy of the jack-in-the-box, where we're spring-loaded and POW! Something happens when the Solar Flash takes place.

Corey: Right.

David: What was the history of intelligent life on Earth, if any, prior to the catastrophe of half a million years ago where the Super Earth blew up? Was there any human life or intelligent life on Earth before that?

Corey: Well, interestingly enough, this Reptilian or Saurian group that has been in conflict with humanity for so long, claims that they originally were stewards of the Earth, and that they had their own experiment going on here, that some of these races that now have a mammalian experiment going on had sterilized their experiment, and that in doing so, they had lost three races.

David: Hm. Three different intelligent species?

Corey: They said there were three lost races because of this cleansing that took place. So that's one of the claims made by the Reptilians that I have not had verified.

David: The insider, Bruce, who gave me a lot of the information for “Ascension Mysteries”, said that the prevailing opinion within his insider click now is that the asteroid, or whatever it was that destroyed the dinosaurs, was deliberately steered in, and that the Moon was placed in its current position at that time to jump-start more of a mammalian cycle for the Earth by giving us seasons that we wouldn't have had without it.

Corey: Yeah, interestingly enough, my recent contacts with some of these airmen that escort Sigmund, they told me that I had gotten the dates wrong.

They said, according to their information, this Super Earth blew up 500 million years ago, and that it was 60 or so million years ago that the Moon came into orbit and that a lot of stuff . . . and that also they were telling me that it was really strange, but they were trying to push the dates out much further.

David: Well, my own research would suggest that they might have been disinforming you for some reason . . .

Corey: Yeah, yeah.

David: . . . because I've had multiple individuals say the same dates. And the 500,000-year-old date is precisely in the Law of One.

Corey: Right. And this is after Sigmund was missing, and they were asking me about his whereabouts. And so, yeah, there's a lot of stuff that's been kind of weird since then.

David: Do we know anything about what these three Reptilian races would have looked like or where did they go?

Corey: Nothing. Possibly, because the Raptor group, it is postulated that they are remnants of the dinosaur race that escaped under Earth, underground, and they escaped the cataclysm. So I don't know if they could have been one race that survived and three more are missing, but it's interesting to think about.

David: Hm. So I know we covered the Raptors before, but not everybody is going to have seen all episodes. So could you tell us a little bit more about them? This is a very strange thing, obviously.

Corey: And I found out since then that they have all different sizes and types.

David: Oh, really?

For the rest of Cosmic Disclosure: The Grand Experiment Click Here

US Special Forces Arrest Satanic Pedophile Group – the Antarctica Connection

By Dr. Michael Salla

US Special Forces Arrest Satanic Pedophile Group
– The Antarctica Connection

According to a retired FBI and career military source, US Special Forces acting under the authority of the Department of Defense and with other global military authorities have been arresting members of a Satanic pedophile group that has infiltrated multiple levels of government in the United States, European Union, and other national governments. The numbers of individuals associated with the global pedophile group according to the source, who chooses to remain anonymous, has greatly exceeded what the military had expected.

The retired FBI/military source shared a six page report of what the Special Forces had discovered with secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode. Goode says that he has known the source since 2008 when they met in several courses organized by the Department of Homeland Security.

In a personal skype communication, Goode shared certificates of two courses he says he attended with the source who sat by him, and where they had “a conversation about conspiracies, ET/UFO/SSP.” Goode’s long association with the source and his military/law enforcement background supports the reliability of the information he passed on to Goode.

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article: US Special Forces Arrest Satanic Pedophile Group – the Antarctica Connection Click Here

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Joint Cobra / Corey Interview for the Unity Meditation


By: Cobra

Joint Cobra / Corey Interview for the Unity Meditation

You might want to listen to this joint Cobra / Corey interview by Justin Deschamps and Prepare for Change:

A link to the transcript is posted here:


The Light forces have asked me to publish this interview right during the partial Lunar eclipse, which is happening now on a very powerful timeline node just 14 days prior to the total Solar eclipse, to strengthen the impact of the message for unity.

I have taken this photo of the Lunar eclipse less than 1 hour ago and you might feel its powerful energy:


Victory of the Light!

From Cobra at: